Here you can find all of the information about our weekly groups for young actors, including our policies, term fees and the agreement between Warts and All Theatre and participants. Use the links below to jump to the right part of the page.

Weekly Groups
General Information
Important Information
Payment Details
The Agreement
Sharings and Performances

Weekly Groups

We run weekly groups in Northampton, Coventry and Wellingborough for young people aged 4-21. You can find information about each location on relevant pages. All practitioners who deliver our programmes hold an enhanced DBS and adhere to our Safeguarding Policy.

Northampton Young Actors meet at The Doddridge Centre
Coventry Young Actors meet at Sidney Stringer Academy
Wellingborough Young Actors meet at The Victoria Centre

You can download the information on this page (plus location-specific info) in one of the info packs below:

How to join a group

  1. Read and make sure you agree to all of the Important Information explained in the info pack.

  2. Head to our online registration portal to select and book your group -

  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Class for Kids for your booking, and you’re ready to go!

General Information

Our primary method of communication is email. It is essential that you add to your safe senders list so you receive our emails. Please remember to check your emails regularly as it is the quickest and easiest way of us communicating with you.

Social Media
Warts and All Theatre are on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We encourage everyone to share, celebrate and discuss your involvement about both The Young Actors and The Collective activity. But we ask everyone to remember that as a participant of our groups you are also a representative of Warts and All Theatre. We ask you to not negatively comment on other participants involved in our work or the activity of the company. If you have a concern- please follow the instructions in this document and we will resolve it thoroughly and efficiently. Social media is an excellent tool, but can also be a risk for a participant’s social wellbeing. We ask you to be mindful of that when you tweet/post/comment.

Important information

The rest of this pack includes all of our important information that you need to read and understand. When you (or a person you are responsible for) applies to become a member of one of our groups you are agreeing to all of these details.

  • We are inclusive in our practice

  • Our weekly sessions are focussed on process

  • In the first instance our relationship is always with the participant - even if they are 8! We create a transparent relationship with everyone we engage with. At times communication is required with parents/guardians, but we ask them to support us in empowering the participants in their own decision making and taking responsibility for their development.

Payment details

We offer discounts for advance payment and new members at all of our Young Actors groups. You can find information about this in the info packs for each location. To be eligible for Advance price we should receive your payment before the Advance deadline which is outlined on the term dates page of each pack.

If the participant joins a group midway through a term, their term fees will be calculated pro-rata of the ‘Advance and New Member’ price, for how many sessions remain in that term.

All payments must be made online through our ClassforKids Portal. This allows us to easily track the many payments we receive each term. We unfortunately cannot except cheque or cash for payment of term fees.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a weekly payment system and we do not offer refunds for ‘missed’ sessions, or if you decide to leave mid-way through a term. Term Fees are non-refundable. You should also be aware that half a term’s notice is required if the participant decides to stop being a member.

Signing Up and Engagement Policy
We automatically renew participants’ places every term. This means that a space will be reserved in one of our groups for as long as you engage with us.

We require half a term’s notice if your participant intends to leave their group. This notice must be given in writing by emailing The timetable below shows when you will need to give your notice in relation to when the participant intends to leave us.

Date of proposed final session Date notice needs to be given
Week 10 of Autumn Term Week 6 of Autumn Term (October Half Term break)
Week 10 of Spring Term Week 6 of Spring Term
Not returning in September 31st July


  • If you do not inform us that a participant is leaving we will still be expecting them at sessions, and we will keep them on our register

  • If they are a member and we are holding a place for them, you are expected to make payment for their term fees

  • If they do not attend, you will be expected to pay for half a term’s fees as per the notice period.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or participant to pay their fees, and we expect parents and guardians to contact us if they are unsure of session dates or Advance Payment dates.

If you are having difficulty paying your term fees, please let us know. We may be able to help. It also saves us time chasing, and we don’t want to cause any unnecessary stress.

The Agreement

The promise to all of our participants is inspired by the Arts Council England’s 7 Quality Principles of Excellent Practice with Children and Young People.

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation

  2. Being authentic

  3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging

  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

  5. Actively involving children and young people

  6. Enabling personal progression

  7. Developing belonging and ownership.

Warts and All Theatre promise to:

  • Create a safe and respectful environment

  • Act professionally at all times

  • Listen to and accommodate where possible the needs of our participants

  • Have high expectations.

Participants promise to:

  • Have commitment and enthusiasm

  • Bring a positive attitude in workshops and rehearsals

  • To respect everyone

  • To take responsibility

  • To wear appropriate clothing (no skirts, dresses, jeans, tight trousers, and inappropriate jewellery (in case of movement work) t-shirts, sweatshirts and jogging bottoms are perfect!)

  • To give half a term’s notice if you decide to cancel your membership.

Bursary Scheme
We are currently fundraising for the bursary scheme for our Young Actors Groups. If you want to engage but feel that the fees are a barrier the bursary scheme might be a solution for you. The Warts and All Theatre Bursary Scheme provides the opportunity for participants to apply for funding to cover all or part of their term fees.

Sharings and Performances

All of the participants in our programmes will take part in 3 Sharings every year. A Sharing is driven by the process of sharing the learning experience with friends and family and is not advertised to the general public. It is an informal celebration of the work that has been achieved through weekly workshop sessions.

As a member of our programmes, participants will not be required to attend additional rehearsals outside of their weekly session times. Preparation for sharings takes place as part of the weekly sessions.

Once a year we may decide to make one of the sharings part of a festival or a special event. This means we may decide to share our work on a professional stage with lights and sound. In this instance it may be advertised to an audience and friends and family will need to buy tickets to attend. For example, if we decided to bring all of the Young Actors groups together for a festival to celebrate all of their work, this would be a ticketed event. In this scenario the ticket sales purely cover the costs of running the event in a performance space. In this scenario additional rehearsal/s may be required outside of normal weekly sessions in preparation for the event.

Warts and All Theatre will also present performances every year, which require a greater level of commitment than our weekly programmes. These additional opportunities are advertised on our website, and as a member of our programmes, participants will hear about them first so they can apply to take part. Taking part in the Young Actors or The Collective Weekly or monthly sessions does not guarantee participants a part in a Warts and All Theatre Production.

Casting Information
Our casting process for sharings and performances is based on a number of elements:

  • Previous attendance and attitude

  • Suitability for the part

  • Ability to handle the responsibility required

  • An opportunity for developing skill and ability.

Casting Is at the discretion of Warts and All Theatre. All casting is final unless stated. Whilst we understand that participants may be disappointed with a part offered, we ask they trust in the process and understand that we have their long-term development in mind.


Swearing and Themes
Sometimes our older groups may work on plays or projects which contain bold themes and swearing. We do not condone swearing in our rehearsals and sessions. We will discuss the themes and use of language as part of the rehearsal process. This includes discussing its appropriateness and why it is there.

It is important to us that we present work that is relevant. But we understand that some people may find this uncomfortable. We will treat all subject matters sensitively and responsibly.

Safety and Discipline Procedure
If a participant acts inappropriately, we will issue a formal warning. The warning system may be carried over to the following academic year.

First Formal Warning
This is given verbally to the participant at the end of a session.

Second Formal Warning
We will discuss the details of the first and second warning at the end of the session. We will then outline our expectations for improvement, followed up by email. In the case of Young Actors, we will have this conversation with a parent/guardian as well as the young person.

Third Formal Warning
We will arrange a meeting with the participant (and parent/guardian if appropriate) to discuss in detail. At this stage the participant may be asked to stop attending either Young Actors or The Collective.

If you have a concern
If you have a concern it’s really important that you speak to us, so we can address it. You should speak with your group director in the first instance, who will try and resolve the issue. The group director will also inform the Warts and All Theatre staff team. If you are still unhappy you should contact Christopher Elmer-Gorry, Artistic and Executive Director via the group director. He will contact you directly to discuss your concern.

Safeguarding Policy
We have a Safeguarding policy that all staff adhere to. Download a copy of it here.

Warts and All Theatre holds confidential information about everyone we work with. We are committed to ensuring people’s rights to confidentiality and will not release any information to anybody outside our organisation.

However, in relation to safeguarding and the welfare of our participants, there are some standard additional factors you should be aware of:

  • Information will only be forwarded on a ‘need to know’ basis in order to safeguard the child/young person or vulnerable adult

  • Giving such information to others for the protection of a child/young person or vulnerable adult is not a breach of confidentiality

  • We cannot guarantee total confidentiality where the safety of the child/young person or vulnerable adult are at risk

  • Primary carers, children/young people and vulnerable adults, have a right to know if personal information is being shared and/or a report is being made to other agencies. Unless doing so could put the child or young person at further risk

  • Staff must keep any information they may learn whilst working with Warts and All Theatre strictly confidential. This includes any information about participants and their families, unless this contradicts the above points.

Data and what we do with it
Our full privacy policy can be found here, but we want to share with you a brief outline about how we will use the data you share with us.

  • It is necessary for us to hold data (Name, health, access needs and contact information) of the participants that engage in our work. This is so we can communicate directly with you about the programme you are involved in

  • We may share this data with funders, to demonstrate the impact of this work, but this is usually limited to Name, Date of Birth and Postcode of the participant

  • We also store the data of an emergency contact that you provide to us, this is so that in an emergency we can contact someone to support you

  • Whilst you are an active participant of Warts and All Theatre we keep this data in a secure online Customer Relationship Management system called Capsule. More information on this can be found at Capsule.

  • We will continue to hold your data for one year after you stop engaging with us, then it will be destroyed.


Can I have a taster session?
You are welcome to come and try a session. This means you can come along (You still need to complete a form!) and try us out. If you decided to join (we are pretty sure you will!) you will then be charged for the term at the ‘Advance & New Member Rate’. This is only applicable for your first term. You should make a note of the future Advance payment dates for the following terms, to benefit from the Advance price.

What if a group is full?
If the group is full, we will let you know and add you to the waiting list.

Can I pay weekly?
We only accept payment on a term by term basis to ensure good levels of commitment from our participants. It is not possible to pay weekly.

How many participants are in each group?
We limit numbers to a maximum of 20 participants per group. There is always a Director and Assistant Practitioner with each group to ensure that everyone feels included and gets the most out of the session.

“My son is aged 10, but he’s very advanced for his age, can he join the 11-14 group with his sister?”
Unfortunately, not. Our age groups are specific to what the groups are going to be working on. In some cases we might approach you to suggest moving groups for a particular project. But under normal circumstances the age groups are set.

What if we don’t want to return next term?
We require half a term’s notice if you intend to not return the following term. Your notification to leave the group should be made by email. More information is available on this in our signing up and engagement policy in this pack.

How do we pay?
All payments for our programmes are made through our online box office system, Eventbrite. We are unable to accept cash or cheques as payments for our programmes.

If we pay our term fees and decide to leave can we get a refund?
Because we have to contract our staff on a termly basis, we use our participant figures to calculate a budget for each term. With this is mind our fees are non-refundable.

If you have any further questions,contact us!