We are ambitious, bold and playful.

Sometimes we work with 'trained' actors
Sometimes we work with 'young untrained' actors.
Sometimes we work with 'adult community' actors.
And sometimes we work with all three at the same time.

So we prefer to call them artists. Because they are.

We provide opportunities for all types of artists to engage in our work.

Our Mission

Warts and All Theatre exists to inspire and encourage artists, audiences and members of the community to engage in theatre. We actively seek out new ways of making theatre in a variety of forms. We tailor the creation process to fit each project's specific objectives. The company provokes artistic engagement by presenting bold and playful theatre, created with a diverse range of artists. We are ambitious and strive for excellence in all that we do.

Our Aims

• To provoke the artist in everyone.

• To present opportunities for artists of any age or experience to realise their potential.

• To promote the craft of collaborative theatre making.

• To produce high quality theatrical experiences.